Great Dane's are known to have a fairly short lifespan compared to other pups. Luckily, Mo has graced this Earth for 12 whole years and his family feels very lucky. Although he's showing his age with some arthritis, shaky legs, and weight loss, Mo's still enjoying hanging out in the backyard with his human and other doggy family members. We spent a lovely afternoon together doing just that. :) This is the goofy side of Mo... Modern Images For Posh PetsAnd the more serious side...wanting my treats...Charlotte NC Dog PhotographyGreat Dane PortraitsThere's nothing quite as regal as the Great Dane profile...Charlotte NC Pet PhotographerThose eyes. Seriously. I couldn't say no to those for 12 years.Charlotte NC Pet PhotosUS Pet PortraitureThe light in this image makes Mo look heavenly. :)Charlotte NC Pet PhotographyMo and his human brother have grown up together. They showed me a picture of the two of them cuddling when Mo was a puppy and Xavier was a toddler. There's nothing like brotherly love...North Carolina Animal PortraitsCharlotte NC Dog PhotographerMo was shaved a while ago for scans to check for health issues. Everything came back normal but the hair never quite grew all the way back. I say it gives him character. :)Great Dane PortraitModern Great Dane PhotographyPet PhotographerHaha! This outtake just HAD to be shared. Mo does NOT look happy that his humans are laughing at the fact that he got drool everywhere. Oh Mo...Charlotte Great Dane Photographer

I hope Mo's family enjoys their sneak peek! I hope to see him again soon!