Chip and Jolie

They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but this dog (and by "this dog" I mean me) totally learned something new during Chip and Jolie's session. Chip and Jolie, a pair of happy Papillons, have always been clicker trained - something I've heard of but never was taught properly. It was absolutely fascinating to see! They were amazing at it and completely motivated to do and try new things as soon as the clicker was pulled out! Their mom was nice enough to give me a lesson on how it works and she even did a demonstration with her husband (I think she's on to something big there, btw)!!! I welcome Chip (the pup with the most brown) and Jolie to the blog!

Charlotte NC Dog PhotographerChip has a very handsome face. His eyes and ears just kill me with cuteness!!!Contemporary Dog PhotographerModern Pet PortraitsJolie is such a little lady! She looks so elegant!Charlotte NC Pet PhotographyModern Images for Posh PetsNorth Carolina Dog PhotographerThe clicker training taught Chip and Jolie to get on objects and try out different things for a reward. They are especially good with the ball, balance board, and many other agility-based obstacles. Charlotte NC Pet PhotographerHuntersville NC Pet PortraitsCharlotte NC Dog PhotographyPet Portrait PhotographerBoth Chip and Jolie love to chase the ball. Mostly I think they just like to play keep-away. Papillon Images

A huge thanks goes out to Chip and Jolie's family for allowing me to work with their youngest pups. They've had a rough year but were oh-so-gracious and welcoming during their session. I can wait to work with them on their final artwork. Much love!