Lola and Charo

As most of you may know, Chihuahuas can be a little shy and tend to get nervous around new people and new big, black objects looking at them (aka, the camera). When I first met Lola and Charo, I took the safe approach and greeted them with treats and stayed down on their level. Charo, the long-haired fuzzy one of the pair, instantly was a fan! Anyone that gave her attention was a-ok in her book. Lola was a little more timid but I could tell she would eventually come out of her shell. As a matter of fact, I was 99% sure that she would be a camera ham by the end. (Spoiler alert! I was right!) I introduce Charo...East Coast Pet photography...and Lola...Chihuahua Dog PhotographerCharo instantly fell into her top model ways. I'm pretty sure she's done this before. ;) She was completely ready to show off her "frizzy cotton ball" look!Modern pet photographer in CharlotteLola hung back for a while but really started to come out of her shell once we reached the beach at Lake Norman.Contemporary Pet PortraitsShe was pretty interested in the water and even got her toes a little wet at one point!Charlotte area pet portrait photographerThe sisters had a blast running around on the sand!Modern Images for Posh PetsModern Pet PhotographerLake Norman Pet PortraitsSuch cuties!!!!Cornelius NC Dog PhotographerRight about this time, Lola really started to steal the show. She totally "got it" and was ready to work it!Lake Norman Pet PortraitsLola's like, "yeah, I got this!"Charlotte NC Dog PhotographerCharlotte NC Dog PhotographyWhen we walked out to the peninsula, we were greeted with the most amazing sunset! Most of the session was shot with cloudy skies - something I normally avoid. However, they worked in our favor since we wanted to capture the background of the lake. As the clouds parted, the sky turned the most gorgeous shades of orange, pink, and purple!Dog photographer in the CarolinasCharlotte NC Pet PhotographerCharlotte NC Pet PhotographyAnd the family enjoying the lovely views...North Carolina Pet photographer

I heart this sweet family and I hope you enjoyed their sneak peek!