Nash and Sullivan

Sometimes the stars, or in this case the sun, align. A tropical storm was on it's way to the Carolinas and was scheduled to bring rain and clouds the day of Nash and Sullivan's session. Fortunately, a last minute reschedule with another client left the day before wide open! Yay! We were able to move up Nash and Sullivan's session and boy was it worth it! The sun was glowing and it was the most gorgeous light I've seen in quite some time. What made it even more special is that their mom totally "got it". She was just as excited as I was! :) Not only was the light magical...the pups were equally amazing! Nash (or Nash Potato) and Sullivan were so wonderful to work with and I certainly see a modeling career in their future!

Charlotte NC Pet PhotographerSullivan started off the session a little on the shy side. He wanted to stay right by mom...Pet Photographerunless we brought out his ball!!!! As a side note - I think he has the longest tongue ever!!Charlotte Pet PhotographySullivan was a little obsessed with the ball but it worked to our advantage. It got him to venture away from mom and we got some super fun shots of him! I love the one on the left. He's all like, "I know you didn't get a picture of me missing!!!" He made up for it on the right. ;)Charlotte NC Pet PhotographyCharlotte Pet PhotographerAgain...that light! I die!!!!Charlotte NC Dog PortraitsNash on the other hand, was a total camera ham. At 11 years old, he was pretty chill and did anything for some attention. His smile was super-contagious!Modern Images for Posh PetsNash enjoyed the scenery as much as we did!Southeast Dog PortraitsUS Pet PhotographerCharlotte NC Dog PhotographerHe is seriously the happiest little man I've ever seen...Charlotte Dog PhotographerMore fun with Sullivan in heavenly light!Charlotte NC Dog PhotographyModern Animal PhotographyCarolina Modern Dog PhotographyOh Nash. You steal my heart in this image! North Carolina Pet PhotographyNorth Carolina Dog PhotographyAnd the two boys together. We were so excited they did this because they aren't known to hang out too much together. Good boys!!!Charlotte NC Pet Portraits