Kyson, Kalani and Jeter

I was first introduced to Kyson (the cool Pom with the mohawk) and Kalani (the perky-eared toy Aussie) and the Bark For Life events this past spring. They stood out in the crowd and even made the blog and video from the events. I knew they loved the camera so I was super pumped when their mom decided to have a session with me! It turns out that between scheduling her session and the day of our shoot, Kyson and Kalani's mom adopted another pup, Jeter. Poor Jeter was raised on a farm and was left to run free with little care and loving. He is very timid and learning how to be a pup all over again. He is very lucky to now be in a home full of treats, adventures, and, most importantly, love.

I introduce (from left to right) Kalani, Kyson, and Jeter...

Kyson loves to be the center of attention. And with a mohawk and super-spectacular head tilt, I understand why!Kyson has the Pomeranian charm down pat!Kalani, which means Heaven in Hawaiian, is a little more reserved than her brother. She doesn't mind stepping away from the spotlight but can hold her own if she needs to. :)She's a little curious about the camera...When she perks those ears, she becomes a little irresistible furry cutie pie!Lastly, we have Jeter. Like I mentioned, Jeter is still a little bundle of nerves but he did surprisingly well during our session.As long as he was by his new mommy, the world was right. :)However, once he figured out what a treat was and that they are super tasty, he was all mine!We ended our session with the bluest sky over Charlotte.And then the Duke Energy Building lit up in a rainbow for Charlotte Pride. What a perfect ending...I just had to include this last image. At the beginning of our session, we spent some time at the pups' great grandfather's home. He simply adores these guys and has even said he wanted them at his funeral. His eyes spark up whenever they are around and they come to visit him often. I'm so glad we got to capture them together! And in Kyson form, he stole the show. :)