Cody is a daddy's boy. Yep, certainly man's best friend. When Cody's parent's 20th anniversary rolled around, his mom knew she just had to give a pet portrait session to Cody's dad. After all, Cody was the first dog his dad ever had on his own!

I was so excited because I hadn't photographed a Blue Heeler before! Cody's parents picked the best location for him too! The field at Fisher Farm had just been cut and hay bales were scattered about. It was ideal for a herding pup!

Meet Mr. Cody, the apple of his father's eyes...

I'm so glad Cody cooperated with us for this shot! I saw this in my head and had to have it! Cody nearly climbed to the top of the hay bale by himself!Cody started the session a little on the shy side. However, he started getting more comfortable when we pulled out his favorite treats! Coming in super close for a bite... hehe!Since the session was a gift to Cody's dad, we just had to get some images of the two of them together! I simply adore this one...Right where a Blue Heeler feels at home - an open field searching for something to herd. 

Many thanks go out to Cody's family! Cheers to their anniversary and here's to another 20 great years!!!