Last but not least, we have Bean!!! She is the last pup I photographed for the vets at Brawley Animal Hospital. :) Bean, like most Dachshunds, had her own idea of how the session should be run. Haha! Once we figured out this cutie was more comfortable around the vets, I just had them run with each other, stand by each other, and work-it together. It worked out perfectly and Bean has some great shots to show off!

I love her girly ears in her running shots...

Totally comfortable with her momma!Bean's vet friend ran with her just off-camera. She was a trooper and, at one point, even lost her shoe in the freshly cut grass!This was Bean's little nest in the uncut grass. The guy that was cutting the grass as we were shooting thought she was going rabbit hunting. Haha!And finally all four of the 4-leggers! What a group!!!

I can't wait to see Bean, Rookie, Frank, and Ernie's faces up on the walls of their clinic. I hope they bring tons of smiles to their clients' and patients' faces!