Cooper the Chiweenie

Cooper was my client's first purchase when she moved to North Carolina and he's been her best friend ever since. He was around before she met her fiancé that, by the way, she is marrying today!  Cooper approves so all is well! :) Her fiancé even surprised her with the gift certificate for this session. Now that's a man that knows what a girl wants! ;) Even though Cooper isn't involved in the wedding ceremony, this happy Chihuahua-weenie dog-maybe Rat Terrier-mix keeps a smile on his face at all times...especially if the Chuck-It is out and there is a tennis ball around. Yep, a game of fetch is his favorite thing in the world and he wouldn't stop playing if the world depended on it. His slight ball obsession worked wonders for his posing, as his eyes never left his little bundle of yellow felt goodness.Cooper doesn't mess around when it's play time. He's like Forrest Gump...he keeps running!Cooper looked so handsome in the blooming clover. gonna give me that ball back?'Cause if you don't, I'll gonna start yelling... ;) Haha!100% play all the time...Cooper's parents thought he wasn't going to be good for his session but they were sooooo wrong! He was amazing and there is no doubt he is a professional model on the side.I love those ears!!! They're just SO Cooper!Congratulations to Cooper's parents on today's nuptials! I'm sure Cooper is so excited to "officially" have a dad and he is welcomed with open paws! He's a lucky boy and his parents are equally blessed! Love, love, love!