Pictsie and Digby

So what's it like to have 2, 200-ish pound English Mastiffs? Well, be prepared to feed them 4 scoops of dry food, 2 cans of wet food, 1 pound of hamburger, and several dog biscuits and bacon treats each day. Yep, each day! Haha! Plus, you may have to invest in lots of rags to clean drool and perhaps replace a window if a happy-tail gets a little too close (true story). However, and most importantly, you should be prepared to share your home with pups with the biggest hearts! I introduce Digby (the male on the left) and Pictsie (aka, Pixie, the female on the right)...

These two beauties were litter-mates and, as puppies, grew one pound a day!Pictsie and Digby's dad had wanted Mastiffs his whole life. He finally convinced his wife to take on not one, but two! You have to realize that she was more of a cat person at the time so it was quite an adjustment going from 10-pound cats to having 200-pound pups! It was totally worth it and the Mastiffs are the light of his life!Their parents even purchased the extra land behind their house, giving Pictsie and Digby about 4 acres to walk trails and to go hunting for rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, and other small creatures. Pictsie and Digby's happy faces tell just how happy they are. They have their own bedroom in the house as well as as huge dog house in the backyard. Yeah...they have it made. :) When they run, they tend to get a little drooly...and when they have treats, and when they are hot, and just about whenever. Their mom even offered to let me borrow a different shirt to drive home in. Heck, I'm used to it and it makes me laugh!Such a gentle giant...They are daddy's dogs without doubt!

And a little outtake! This was one of the very first shots right out of the camera. They just had to make sure the camera wasn't a new, special treat! :)

Happy early Father's Day to Pictsie and Digby's dad! I hope you enjoy the sneak peek!