Grahm + Foxy

The Spring rush is underway and I couldn't think of a better way to start it than with Grahm and Foxy's session. Unfortunately, the cold weather that has been lingering hasn't helped with the green grass or new foliage. Regardless, with some pretty sunlight and a couple gorgeous pups, we can make it work!!! I'm just loving this session...Grahm, the Boxer, and Foxy, a Border Terrier/Chihuahua mix, are brother and sister. They make the funniest pair! Like most siblings, they don't always care for each other's presence but this image says otherwise. ;)Grahm is such a cutie patootie! Look at that precious face! At the same time, he doesn't mess around if there is a ball flying!"What do you mean you aren't going to throw it anymore?!?"And then there is Foxy. OMG! This girl cracks me up! I even told her mom that Foxy was so ugly, she was cute. When I write it down, it doesn't sound like a compliment but that's what I meant for it to be! I mean, look at her! Her wiry fur, the ear that folds back, the's too awesome for words! Love it all!!!And then there's this! She falls asleep as soon as she get scooped into her mom's arms. OMG!As we explored the park, we came across an awesome old truck. It was a little creepy with too many spider webs for my liking but you have to take a risk for the love of art. I'm glad we did because we ended up with some of my favorite images from the session. I especially love this one. When you see it big, the details are amazing. This may have to be in a new sample for me...I actually really love the colors here. It looks as if it has been cross-processed but those are the actual colors - a combo of sunset lighting with a dirty windshield and cool old seats. I like the colors so much that I may have to play around with applying cross-processing effects to some of my other images.Lastly, we headed off to a pretty field of grass...This was Grahm's favorite part! He really got to run and let loose!Foxy just hung back and did her best meerkat impressions.Love, love, love you two!!! Thank you for an awesome evening! :)