A cute, wet, orange face with a huge smile was send in an email and three girls instantly fell in love. No, it wasn't a picture of some hot model guy coming out of the ocean with a fake tan. This is what happened when Brittani, Dana, and I got Lilian's submission for our Charleston model call. Lilian is a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever who apparently spends as much free time as possible getting wet and going swimming. Her mom was super excited at the thought of getting pictures of her when she was actually dry! Luckily for her, we were more than happy to oblige. :)

Lilian, aka Lily, often causes quite a stir when she's out in public and people tend to flock to her because of her unique qualities. I'm personally a sucker for her happy smile...

Oh and the feet. I just love the feet. So girly and feminine! This almost makes me wish my hands were hairy. Then I remember I'm a person.She's just a beauty...She also has a Princess Leia impression. She puts her ears back to recreate the hair effect. Pretty awesome!Thank you so much, Lily, for staying dry for us while we photographed you. It was an honor!