Last week I had the pleasure of making a trip down to Charleston, SC to hang out with fellow pet photog friends Brittani (from Brittani Croft Photography) and Dana (from Dana Cubbage Photography). Of course, what are is a group of pet photographers to do when they get together? Well, take pictures of dogs of course! We put out a call for models and we had a wonderful response. It was REALLY hard to turn any down but we had to consider what we were looking for in each of our portfolios. In the end, we had four doggy models work it for our cameras.

We got to explore some of downtown Charleston during our shooting. To be honest, I was pretty jealous of the greenery and flowers they have there already...especially since I was following the dwindling trail of leftover snow on the trip down there. Soon Spring will be here too! Yay!

Anyway, I'll start the showcase with Bentley. This little Frenchie cracked us up. He was certainly into exploring Charleston too but had a great attitude with the camera. I love how his tongue is a little too big for his mouth. Cutie pie!!!