Snow Day

This past Saturday we had a surprise snow shower that left a couple inches in our yard! This rare occurrence brought out all of the dogs, kids, and adults in our neighborhood. Lucky for us, we have a huge green space behind our house that is usually reserved for Eva's and Sadie's frisbee and ball time. However, when the snow comes, it is gathering central for everyone! Of course I grabbed my camera to document the fun!

This was Sadie's first snow event and she wasn't quite sure what to think of it at first...

Once she realized it meant play-time, she changed her tune!This is Sadie's new best friend, Pippi! They love to chase after each other.Boomer from next door also joined in on the fun!An even bigger hit than the snow was this ginormous stick that Rugger found...Addie, the Bernese Mountain Dog from around the corner, even came out to get a piece of the action!I love the air that Pippi has in this shot...Finally, Eva and Sadie end up with a bit of their own...Meanwhile, Pippi gave up on the stick and took a different one...a carrot stick...from the snowman!!! Note the kids running after her! Lol!Doesn't she look so innocent?!? Boomer sat on the hill and made sure no one was getting into trouble.And my pups went back to playing tug-o-war with the frisbee. What a wonderful afternoon! My dogs were exhausted the rest of the night and curled up next to the fireplace. I'm so glad they got to experience such a fun snowy day together! What do your dogs like to do on a snowy winter day?