Puppy Love's Hard to Ignore

I've been wanting to make a promo video for McGraw Photography for years. I'm such a control freak that I've wanted to do it myself even though I have no idea how to shoot video, much less edit it. Well, that's where Creative Live comes in. Creative Live is an online classroom for photographers, videographers, designers, etc. If watched live, their classes are free. You also have the option to purchase each class so you can refer back to it over and over.

When I've watched Creative Live in the past, I mostly tuned in to watch classes on photography. Well that all changed when I decided to watch Rob and Vanessa's course on video fusion - a mix of stills and video. That class really got me thinking that it would be possible to make a video for myself. However, I was also put in the mindset that, "oh, I don't have that equipment, I don't just want to do slideshows, etc."

Fortunately, Creative Live came to the rescue again when I watched Hailey Bartholomew and Sue Bryce's course on show reels. Those fabulous women showed me that I didn't need a ton of fancy equipment and the shooting was WAY more my style (especially with dogs that may be a little hard to direct). I was completely inspired and decided to pick up my camera and play around!

Now keep in mind this is my very first video. I was by myself (which can be difficult with a dog) and I only used my 5D Mark III, my 35mm lens and the strap around my neck. I eventually want to get a Fig Rig for smoother movement but I need to make sure I would use it enough (or convince my husband I would)! Anyway, I hope you enjoy my happy girl, Sadie, playing with me in the backyard...

I am truly inspired now and I can't wait to make a "real" promo video for my business!

Puppy kisses!

***EDIT*** I just wanted to touch on a couple things people have had questions on! :) This was shot on manual exposure with manual focusing. I forgot to manually set my white balance - oops! - so it was on auto. The video was edited with iMovie. Oh, and the song is I Adore by Mindy Gledhill and it was licensed from Triple Scoop Music. I think that's it! :)