Shackleford Banks Trip

I'm sure vacation photos aren't normally super exciting for others to go through so I'd thought I'd keep things simple and show some highlights from a trip I recently took over to the island of Shackleford Banks.

Shackleford Banks is special in that it is home to more than 110 wild horses. Only accessible via boat, you are free to explore the 9-mile long on foot in search of a glimpse of these feral beauties. When you finally lay eyes on one, it is pretty magical - almost like you have discovered a real, live unicorn.

Of course, there are other amazing creatures that call Shackleford Banks home and, honestly, it may be easier to find a few of them. Heck, we even stumbled upon a naked man hiking across the island (sorry, no pics)! To give him credit, it was pretty hot in the sun but I sure hope he had bug spray in his backpack - the mosquitoes out there were huge!!! Aside from the random naked dude, it is a wonderful place to visit!

I don't know of many things more magical than a wild horse walking down a deserted beach. Simply amazing...

If you ever make the trip to Shackleford Banks, I highly recommend using the ferry service from Island Ferry Adventures. Also, be sure to pack food, water, bug spray and sun screen! And, most importantly, remember the horses are wild so give them space!!!