Obi-Wan Kenobi and Rhett Butler

You may have seen me gushing over these two on Facebook for the past week but did you know they are brothers?!? Well, not blood brothers, but live-in-the-same-house kind of brothers. Imagine these two handsome devils greeting you every morning when you wake up! That would certainly bring a smile to my face!Obi-Wan Kenobi is a Basset Hound with a look to die for! Seriously. Could you say no to this face?Rhett Butler is a French Mastiff, or Dogue de Bordeaux if you are fancy. ;) He is 150 pounds of wrinkles, slobber, and cuteness!We kept most of Rhett's drool under control but every now and then, a little bit couldn't help but slip out. It's totally part of his charm!Again - Obi-Wan with that "give-me-what-I-want" look. I love his splayed out feet...This is what happens when you ask brothers to pose together. Cracks me up!Now we got it!Just in case you didn't get it before, here's another magical Obi-Wan Kenobi look. May the Force be with him.Now that's a handsome goofball!Back in the woods, both Obi-Wan and Rhett took turns working it for the camera...Poor Rhett is dealing with a heart condition that makes him a little on the slower side. However, he knew his mom really wanted a running shot so he turned it on for us! This is the tame version...And a crazy outtake.! Hehehe!As opposite as these boys could be, they were equally fun to work with (as well as their parents)! I can't wait to see them again and bring some more drool home with me! ;)