Max, Sparky Parker, and Riley

Anyone that follows me on Facebook probably knows that I'm extremely fond of older pups. So when I found out I was going to be able to photograph THREE in one session, I was thrilled! Each one of these wise, elderly gentlemen has been rescued into a wonderfully loving home with plenty of toys, attention, and friendship. I introduce (from left to right) Sparky Parker, Max, and Riley...Max's white face makes my knees weak. I could never say no to this adorable face!

Max has been diagnosed with kidney failure and we actually had a bit of a scare when I showed up for his session. Earlier in the day, he got sick twice. When I arrived, he got sick for the third time. We cut the session short so he could be seen by the vet. Fortunately, everything was fine and the vet just thought it was a stomach bug. Even better news was that his kidney levels were back in the normal range and we got to finish the session the very next week! Yay!

Sparky Parker is the eldest of the pack but would never let you know! He still has quite a pep in his step! This cutie pie was adopted from a local rescue after being with them until he was 9 years old! Because he is a little dog aggressive, he was never taken to adoption events and the public never got to meet him. Fortunately, my client volunteered with that rescue and was able to spend plenty of time with him. Eventually, she fell in love. His still has some dog aggression but fits right in with his tight-knit pack.Riley, oh, Riley. I must admit, Riley stole my heart. Riley is ten-and-a-half and has a wonderful old soul. This precious Golden is actually the leader of the pack and is known to bring the calmness to everyone. I totally believe it because I could curl up with him and be calm all day. He is such a lover and SOOOO handsome!!I really enjoyed hanging out at their house and the pretty trail in their neighborhood.When my client would visit Sparky Parker at the rescue, this is how they would spend their time. She would love on him and he would just sit there and take it all in!Riley, you can run to me ANY time you want!!!I'm glad Max was feeling better because I even got a little smile out of him...He even had some goofiness!Not to be forgotten! This 3-dog pack is actually a "small animal farm" of 7! Yep! There are 4 kitties that keep these boys company. Below are two of the curious felines! :)

Much love to all these 4-legged babies! Can't wait to see them all again!!! :)