Chi Chi, Lola, and Ramesses II

I know that Forrest Gump said that life was like a box of never know what your gonna get. But for this session, I wonder if he should have said that dogs are like a box of chocolates? Upon booking her session, my client warned me that one of my subjects, Chi Chi, was known to be feisty and has a bite history. Knowing this, I certainly took my time allowing her to get familiar with me and the camera. Of course she barked at me at first. However, when I pulled out the treats and she got a little taste, it was only a matter of minutes before she was licking my hand. She didn't even respond to the camera so I knew we were golden!

I never like going into a session with a preconceived notion about a dog. Of course I want to know about their behaviors, personalities, habits, bite history, etc. But like Forrest said, you never know what your gonna get!

Here is Chi Chi workin' it for the camera just minutes after we met... Lola, on the other hand, is also a barker but warms up to strangers easily. She loves treats and showed off her best beg.I love the way Chi Chi sits. Haha! It cracks me up (so does Lola's look in her sweater)! This picture pretty much is the visualization of my tagline, "Modern images for posh pets." Those are definitely some posh shawls!Surprise! Not only did I photograph Chi-Chi and Lola. I also had the honor of spending some time with Ramesses II! And, wow! He is a looker!

This gorgeous boy was previously a race horse but has been off the track for 3 years. He was adopted by my client just a couple months ago and he has made their family complete.Ramesses' mom has been riding for 17 years and is so ecstatic to finally have a horse to call her own. I love the way they look at him...These two are just too gorgeous!

I want to give a special thanks to Perky Ears, LLC  - you gals know who you are! Hahahaha! I hope this gorgeous family enjoys their sneak peek! :)