Pebbles and BamBam

If I knew that Pebbles and BamBam were so darn cute, I would have watched WAY more Flintstones when I was growing up! But in all seriousness, to say I'm not excited about this post would be the understatement of the year. Not only was it hard to narrow down Pebbles and BamBam's images while editing, it was pretty impossible to narrow them down for the sneak peek! In turn, this may be longest blog post ever! I hope you don't mind! ;) This adorable pair's mom booked their session months and months in advance to make sure they had prime Fall colors for their photo shoot (very smart, BTW). Even though we had to reschedule once because of cloud cover, we only had to put off the session a couple days. I'm so glad we did because these cutie-patooties looked FAB with all of the sunlight and amazing colors! We spent a beautiful evening together at Fisher Farm in Davidson (which is probably my favorite place to shoot - LOVE).

So you may be asking yourself what kind of doggies are they? They are Pomeranian/Cocker Spaniel mixes that happen to be a doggy accident (cover Pebbles and BamBam's ears!). Two dogs met at a bar-b-que (I'm not kidding) and the rest is history if you know what I mean!

Pebbles is the lady and donned a pink-themed collar throughout the session. BamBam is the handsome boy and sported a matching collar in blue.

Right off the bat, I could tell I was going to love this pair. They had a BALL running through the huge fields of the park and weren't shy to come right toward the camera!After tons of running and exploring, we took a break and did some "posing". They sure know how to work their magic!And we made some time for the family...Pebbles and BamBam were done with the cuddling and posing and were ready to go right back into play mode. BamBam's toy of preference is the ball, while Pebbles prefers sticks (of any size).Aren't their tags so perfect?!? They were an Etsy find by Woo Woo Workshop which is owned by Melissa McGraw Petrusch. (Shout out to another McGraw!)After our session and because the pups worked so hard, they were treated with one of their cream!!! How freakin' cute is this!?!?Please ma'am, may I have some more? (said with your best Oliver Twist accent)

Wow...what a fun, fun session! If your dogs work super hard, what is your favorite treat to give them?