Callie and Stella - Rescue Duo

Callie and Stella are adorable little rescue mutts that made the trip up to Charlotte from Forest City for their own doggy photo shoot. These two are so precious and as soon as I saw them, I knew we picked the right location to show them off. We meet at the McAlpine Creek/4-Mile Creek Greenways where they got to explore fields, boardwalks, and, in Callie's case, the swamp. Lol!

Callie is a Beagle mix that was left abandoned at a neighbor's house. Callie's mom watched her for weeks and when the neighbors didn't come back to get her, she claimed her as her own. Who could leave such an adorable face???

I love Callie's folded ears! They totally reflect her curious personality!When I was introduced to Stella, I was warned she is very shy around strangers. Haha! Not in my case. She warmed right up to me when she realized I was the treat lady.Stella is a tripod dog who had to have her rear leg removed after an altercation with another dog. She has no problem getting around and still loves other dogs!Callie and Stella's mom wanted to join in for some of the pictures. I love how attached these two rescue pups are to their mom. So adorable!I think this is right before Callie decided to check out the stinkiness of the swamp...Stella didn't venture off too far. Her mantra is, "never go too far from the treats."Thanks, ladies, for a wonderful session. Many kisses...