Dean - AKA Deanie Weenie

I'm a little obsessed with Dean. This little Weimaraner has stolen my heart and I've fallen even more in love with him as I edit his images. I have honestly thought about dog-napping him but that would probably be frowned upon. ;) So why am I so in love with Dean? This guy is 12 years old but has the smile of a puppy and the heart of an angel! Plus, he is a huge UNC fan! I mean, when I arrived for his session, he was enjoying a UNC football game, sportin' his Tarheels collar, and his name is DEAN!

Like I mentioned, Dean is 12 so he might move a little slower than he used to. However, he still loves to play ball, catch his frisbee, and go for an occasional swim in Lake Norman. As a matter of fact, as long as I had a ball in my hand, he was more than happy to model for me. I even left my squeaky tennis ball with him in hopes it would bribe him to come live with me. Maybe one day? A girl can dream, right?Dean means business when it comes to playtime. And you better not forget his Chuckit...He looking at me like, "woman, are you going to throw that thing or what?"Happy boy...I'm so excited that Dean's dad wanted to join in for some of the pictures. They have been together for all these years. Dean suffers from a pretty bad case of separation anxiety and, fortunately, Dean's dad can bring him to work. They are best friends...I really am in love with this dog. Doesn't he just make you melt?!?Thank you so much, Dean, for such an amazing session. You were beyond a joy to work with and I really can't wait to see you again. I had a hard time saying goodbye time is going to be that much harder. XOXO!