Morgan and Sam

Morgan and Sam are quite the special pair. They are the two oldest pups in a pack of five - yes, five! They are buddies and love to chill together while the other three "kids" do their young-dog thing. Sam, the oldest, has an *adorable* gray face (I'm a sucker) while Morgan is a super cozy, fluffy, black fur-ball. Back in August, these two had a surprise session for their mom's birthday/Christmas gift. She was away for the summer working on a ranch in Jackson, WY (my favorite place in the world) and missed her pups dearly. This gave us a wonderful opportunity to sneak in a session without her knowing.

Their dad *might* not have been able to wait till those special holidays to unveil the surprise though. ;) Well, now that the secret is out, I'm happy to share their beautiful faces with the world. Sorry I made their mom cry when she saw the pictures but I hope she cherishes them forever. <3

Morgan is such a sweetie pie with the cutest smile and to-die-for ears. Is this not a face that gets what it wants?Like I mentioned, I am a sucker for gray faces. So when I saw Sam for the first time, I melted a little on the inside. I heart older dogs! We had our session at Latta Plantation and spent most of the shoot along the lakefront. Morgan was, um, a little obsessed with the water and stared longingly at it... Just the thought of going near the lake got her super excited...And then she was pooped...

I just want to grab her and cuddle with her fluffy fur!Now Sam wasn't as excited about the water as Morgan was. However, he agreed to pose his handsome face in front of the lake for me!Sam was much happier hanging out where there wasn't risk of him falling in the water. He was all smiles on the dock.I just want to give his little face kisses!Thank you for such a wonderful session! I'm so glad I got to spend an evening making some wonderful memories for Morgan and Sam's mom! {{{HUGS}}}!