I got to meet some amazing dogs yesterday morning at the Humane Society of Charlotte. They were all so fabulous, warmed right up to me, and loved to play! Check out these cuties - you never know if one could be your soulmate! For more information about your favorites, please visit the Humane Society or check out their website here. First we have Carmella. She is a sweet older lady with a wonderful and chill personality...Ashley stole my heart! I love her scruffy hair and unbelievable eyes! She is too cute when she plays!Cream is like most pit mixes - a huge cuddle bear with a heart to match!Dollar. Wow! This cutie is SOOOOOO sweet. She should be scooped up fast with her stunning looks and friendly demeanor.Polka loves to smile and has a great, bubbly personality. I mean, look at this face...If you love the way cats play, you will love Flora. She had me laughing our whole visit together. She would pounce and play with the ball just like a kitten would! So cute!!!Kellie is another sweetie. She loved to be next to people and is definitely going to be a cuddle-bear!Last but not least, we have O'Charlie. I'm not sure what I can write that isn't told in this picture. He is so adorable and loving and would be so happy to make your house his home... I want to give a huge thanks to my friend, Casey, for getting up at 5:30 in the morning to help me. Fingers crossed she found a new member of her family yesterday!!!