Ollie and Otto - Morkie Overload!

***WARNING!!! CUTENESS MORKIE OVERLOAD!*** Seriously. You may not want to continue on if you are in a place where you can't giggle and say "aaaawwww"!

These two Morkies (Maltese/Yorkie mix) take the cake when it comes to cuteness! Ollie and Otto, a brother-sister pair who are not even half a year old yet, are the two smallest, fluffiest dogs I have ever photographed. To give you an idea of how small they are, Ollie just hit a big milestone of reaching 2 whole pounds!

We started off their photo shoot in their totally awesome Uptown condo where they got to know me and the camera. This is Otto, the brother and the fluffier of the pair...

And this is the sister, Ollie...Time to pack up and head out to one of Uptown Charlotte's prettiest parks! I love how these two fit right in their mom's bag.Once out in the park, these two went CRAZY!!! I fortunately took a ton of pics because 1) they are so adorable when they run, and 2) when you can't see their faces, these guys tend to look like the unrecognizable fuzzy balls of fur that float out from under my couch (but WAY cuter and MUCH faster)! Ok, maybe not at all but you know what I mean! Haha! We had so much fun!!!I love Otto's dive for his ball here!Between the running, ball throwing, and searching for dead birds, we managed to grab Ollie and Otto's attention for 3-second intervals for some quick "posing". Gotta love puppies!!! :)

And back to playing!Bum-in-the-air alert!!! Before we called it a night, I took a quick picture of Ollie and Otto's new bling. Their collars are SO small and I love the name tags their mom found on Etsy (obviously I blurred out the phone #).

The pups were all packed up and ready to rest up for another day of high-energy play. Seriously love these two...

I hope you enjoyed these two Morkies' sneak peak. They were a blast to photograph and I really CAN. NOT. wait to see them again! :)