Every day I volunteer at the Humane Society of Charlotte, things just get better and better. Want to know why? Because I'm introduced to more and more dogs and cats that I've never meet. Why is that a good thing? Well, because that means that these wonderful pets are being adopted, making room for other cats and dogs to be saved. Here is a new batch of sweethearts looking for their forever homes. For more information about your favorites, visit the Humane Society in Charlotte or check out their website!I love Stripe's little puppy nose!Chime is the winner of the doggy head tilt for the visit!Kanga's kangaroo outtake is on the right. Such a goofball but I love it!All of Sampson's images were outtakes! Haha! This jovial boy has the floppiest jowls and ears! :) And CATS!!! Yay!! I go to photograph all of the adult kitties. Love 'em!!!And Enchantress wins best head tilt for the kitty division...Thanks to everyone that has shared these images. It really helps them find homes faster. XX!