Trinity and Tater - Opposites Attract

Trinity is a gorgeous, shiny, blue Great Dane full of grace and style. Tater, on the other hand, is a short, scruffy, little Terrier-mix shaped, well, like a potato. As opposite as they are, they are equally as cute and are best buds! These two love hanging out together in the backyard as well as the boat launch area in their neighborhood. We were lucky enough to dodge the rain and spent an evening together doing what they love most! Don't these two make quite the pair? I'd say they were related. Lol!

I love Tater's scruffy fur and happy little face! :)Trinity is so beautiful and regal. Great Dane's just pull at my heart strings!"So...that black box gives out treats?"Trinity's ears just scream her personality. Love them!Tater ventures onto the rocks while channeling his inner chameleon...Trinity is able to perfect her gallop in the open field.BFFs...