Ruby and Leo - Family Time

During our recent trip to New York, I was lucky enough to spend some quality time with my 4-legged niece, Ruby, and 2-legged nephew, Leo. We had a nice little photo shoot and tried our best to get some images of the two of them together. However, they both seemed to have other plans! Lol! When I was photographing one, the other would be across the field. Most of what I was able to capture were the brief moments they crossed paths or when Leo would give Ruby a treat. I think we still got some cute images and I seriously love these two! I love how Leo is so curious about Ruby. Children at this age always are so interested in what their furry brothers and sisters are doing.Isn't my little nephew adorable?!?Ruby isn't too shabby either! BTW, I loved all the "cotton" that was falling down from the Cottonwood trees...

I can't wait to see how big Leo has gotten next time we go up to New York. Hopefully I can get even more pictures of the two of them together!