Louie - Mr. Lambchop

Meet Louie - a.k.a. Lambchop, Little Man, Bear Cub, and Wiggle Butt! Louie is the most perfect and sweetest cuddle monster! He is such a lover and he never fails to give out kisses with his amazingly long tongue! In fact, his tongue is so big that sometimes it just can't fit in his mouth and it has to hang out. Love him! We spent an overcast evening hanging around Louie's gorgeous turf. His mom lives on Lake Norman so Louie enjoys daily walks on the surrounding pathways and docks as he scopes out the water for ducks and fish. It was a pleasure to tag along with this handsome Cocker Spaniel! Enjoy his sneak peek - I'm hoping his sweetness is contagious!

Louie has hip and knee problems so we made sure to give him several breaks during the session. He still wanted to work it for the camera though!Hey stud muffin!!!Isn't he so handsome?!? I love that his tongue is barely poking through in this one...Thanks, Louie, for being such a wonderful model! I can't wait to visit you again soon! :)