Eva and Bubbles - Dog Portraits

...and, unfortunately, "Bubbles" isn't a new dog of ours! ;) As often as possible, I like to take some time to photograph my own dogs. After the busy holiday season, I finally had some spare time to take Eva out to a location I've had my eye on for several months. Back in November and December, this field was filled with gorgeous yellow flowers. The timing to shoot back then didn't quite work out but I ended up really loving the gold and brown tones that filled the field a few weeks ago. They complimented Eva's coloring perfectly! I love this first image so much that I had a 30x40 canvas made of it!


Time to bust out the bubbles! I've been wanting to play with these just to see how they would turn out in pictures. They are non-toxic, catnip bubbles meant to make your cat go crazy. Do they work on dogs? Yeah, not so much.Eva thinks she's over it... And that one just popped in her face.     She's done.Time to head back home! :) Next up will be Sadie!