Dusty and Ella - Dog Portraits

Endless sunshine. That's what the weather forecasted for the day of Dusty's and Ella's photo shoot. However, come that afternoon, heavy cloud cover loomed above our heads and rain showers threatened to put a stop to our session. Luckily, the showers remained at bay and we got to squeeze in a dry afternoon with these two Shelties. Dusty was the main focus of this session because his grandfather just thinks the world of him and his beautiful handsome coloring. Dusty is a sable merle - a pretty rare combination. I must say that I agree with Dusty's grandfather. He sure is a sight for sore eyes.

We also got some images of Ella, a tri-color little lady and Dusty's cousin. She is slightly disabled as she has 4 legs but only 3 paws. They both were a pleasure to work with and we had a blast in their backyard...

Ella has the most endearing eyes :) Dusty takes his play time seriously!I love Dusty's hair blowing in the wind. He is just so gorgeous!Ella is so inquisitive and loves to keep watch over the backyard. Squirrels and ducks better beware!After hanging out in the backyard, Dusty headed off to Jetton Park - a great place for doggy pics! It actually started to rain on our way over but stopped just as we pulled into the park. Yay! Dusty started off with some posing...But quickly went into play mode. I just love the way his hair flows as he jumps around!And back to posing...Dusty's grandfather didn't want to be in any of the pics, but I just love this one. Dusty loves him so much and follows him everywhere!Lastly, we headed over to the beach area for some good stick throwing - one of Dusty's favorite things...Lovin' the sandy nose!

Thank you, Dusty and Ella, for a DRY and fun session!