Bear, Jackson, and Brad

There's nothing like the love between a dog and man. I mean, there's a reason the saying goes "dog is a man's best friend". Well, after this shoot, I can say with 100% certainty that rule applies to little men too! Bear (a brindle lab mix) and Jackson (a black lab) are totally infatuated with their human brother, Brad. And trust me, the feeling is mutual. Brad, at only 2 years old, has grown up with Bear, 8, and Jackson, 9. They are his personal playmates and they love to run together, play fetch, and just act like little boys together. Brad brings out the puppy in this four-legged duo and it was so awesome to watch first hand.

I introduce Bear and Jackson...

Bear wanted to say hi up close and personal.And here is Brad! If this expression doesn't capture the love and joy they have for each other, I don't know what would.

Thank you to Bear and Jackson's family for the fun and lovely session!