Curtis, Otis & Weber

I feel so lucky to work with some amazing animal lovers on a daily basis. Last Sunday was no exception. My clients, a pair of veterinarians with a practice in Charlotte, gathered their pack together and spent the evening with me at Jetton Park. The chemistry between the five of them was undeniable and it just warmed my heart! Each of these pups has unfortunate health issues but they are definitely in the best hands. I introduce Otis, Curtis, and Weber (from left to right). Curtis got some extra loving during our photo shoot. At 10 years old and with health issues, it was really important to his mom and dad to get some images of just the three of them. Curtis is such a sweet old man and his handsome grey highlights make him look so distinguished. He is their heart-dog and I totally understand why.Swiss Mountain Dogs aren't known to be water lovers but Otis thought he would test it out. He is such a goofy boy that makes me laugh!Weber, being the young 2-year-old, took advantage of the situation and went fetching for sticks!Curtis opted to stay on high ground.After hanging out at the park, the pack jumped in the car and headed over to the Peninsula Yacht Club...Yay, dad! We're going out on the boat!Assume your positions!

These guys were exhausted but they took time on the boat ride to relax and take in the lovely scenery.We finished the evening off with a beautiful sunset. This isn't was just that pretty. Just like Curtis, Otis and Weber and the love they have for their parents.