Sammy and Lilly - Kitty Pics

Cats are like Lays potato can't have just one. My client was extremely sick when the doctor suggested that she get a pet to keep her spirits up. She heard about a woman who was giving away some kittens so she made the trip to go meet them. She immediately bonded with Lilly as they sat on the couch and cuddled. It was a done deal. Well, that was until Sammy jumped up on the back of the couch and laid down on my client's shoulder. It wasn't just a done was a package deal.

That was seven years ago and now these cats have the life of a king and queen. They have the biggest toy collection I have ever seen, they have awesome beds next to their favorite windows, and they lounge on their third-floor balcony where they can watch the birds and the neighbor dogs.

Sammy is super outgoing and seriously just wanted to be in front of the camera. Lilly was a little more timid but she is equally as photogenic. I hope this feline family enjoys their sneak peek!

I don't know why but I just want to eat this picture up...I think Sammy got a hold of the "kitty crack"!