Dakota & Max

Ah! A Bernese Mountain Dog and a Golden Retriever. Two of the most lovable and cuddliest breeds. This is Dakota (the Bernese) and Max (the Golden), daughter and son to one very lucky man who is getting these images as a surprise Christmas present. Their mom contacted me because she couldn't think of a gift more meaningful than images of their furry pack. I couldn't agree more. We even included their cute human daughter, Avery, in a couple of the shots. Dakota, Max and Avery have basically grown up together as they are all between the ages of 5 and 7.

We secretly arranged the session while the dad was out of town and we got lucky to miss out on rain forecasted for the week. We spent the evening hanging out in the backyard which overlooks the golf course - a good source of entertainment for the dogs. They withstood the heat and relentless mosquitoes and were great models for their dad's new artwork. I hope he enjoys his wonderful and thoughtful present and cherishes these images for years to come.

PS - If you recognize these pups, don't forget to keep it a secret!

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