I sitting here thinking of what I should write about Fletcher and, honestly, I don't think there are any words that can sum up this guy's happiness and jubilee. Fletcher is blessed with a perma-grin and I think it must be contagious. I smiled the entire session, throughout editing the images and, now, I dare YOU not to crack a grin. This little man is so loved by his parents and he is basically joined at the hip with his dad. It was so touching to hear about their daily routines - getting coffee at the gas station in the morning, visiting with the cashiers and getting cookies, going on car rides, having nice long walks, and their going-to-bed ritual. Thank you so much, Fletcher, for letting me spend a few smiling hours with you! I can't wait to photograph you again once you have grown out your handsome winter coat!

PS - That's Fletcher gracing the top of my new blog!!!