What is a unique and thoughtful gift that would completely surprise your significant other? How about a photo shoot with the family dog - the dog that was a total surprise itself? That's what Amanda thought when she called to book the secret session for her husband's Christmas present. Amanda's husband never had a dog growing up. Not being able to grasp that idea, Amanda knew she eventually wanted to adopt a dog for him. So, when she saw Sophie, a young Bernese Mountain Dog from Kansas, Amanda knew she had to bring her home and surprise her husband. Sophie wasn't "good enough" because she didn't have enough white on her front, right paw. Well, she might not have been good enough for showing, but she is more than perfect as a loving family pet. She is now 3-and-a-half, the centerpiece of the family, and her dad couldn't imagine life without her. She cuddles in bed, sleeps in the bathtub, and sits on everyone's feet. Yep, she is definitely one of the kids!

Our photo shoot took place Monday afternoon at one of my favorite locations. Luckily, the weather was on our side, albeit the temps were only supposed to reach 31 degrees. The light was gorgeous and we had the entire location to ourselves. Sophie did awesome and I was loving every image I was getting. These are the sessions I dream about. I could have photographed Sophie for hours...emphasis on could have. Until I realized I couldn't feel my fingers anymore. That gets to be a problem when you have to push and adjust little buttons and dials on a camera.

We finally succumbed to the cold.

Regardless, Sophie's family were troopers and rocked it out in the below freezing temperature. Especially Sophie's mom. She didn't once seek shelter from the relentless wind to warm up in the car (and the wind was NO joke). Now that is dedication. Dedication to her husband to get a heartfelt and thoughtful Christmas present. Dedication to make images and memories that will last for generations.

Enjoy your sneak peek - you deserve it...

I love how you can see Sophie's breath in this image. She is just too adorable!Yummy winter light through the trees...Of course Sophie also has a playful side!Sophie, I hope your family enjoys their sneak peek and your dad loves his Christmas present! I can't wait to see you again at your ordering session!