Bailey, Tess and Brother Bear

It's not every day that you get to have a photo shoot on Lake Norman with three sweet and playful Labs. Not to mention, this was a special session meant mostly for the eldest Lab, Bailey. Bailey is a 10-year-young yellow Lab with a checkered past. When he was younger, this poor guy was abused and left with a damaged knee and tail. Luckily, he has since found a loving home that care for him deeply. He also has a brother, Brother Bear, and sister (actually his long, lost niece), Tess, that have helped aid in his recovery. Bailey still has emotional scars that leave him shy and nervous around strangers - especially men with hats and baseball bats. Fortunately, with a slow introduction, Bailey warmed up to me nicely and we had a great session together.

Bailey's parents love him like a child and wanted to ensure they got some great images of him "just in case" his age caught up with him. I can't emphasize how important this is for every pet owner...these are memories that you will cherish forever. I hope Bailey will be around for many more years to enjoy the beach, swimming, tennis balls, sticks, and his wonderful family.Bailey may get nervous time to time but he was all smiles with me...He may be 10-years-old but Bailey can chase his ball with the best of them.I love this image. I don't think Bailey would rather be anywhere else than right there getting a chest rub from his dad...Yummy Autumn colors and leaves...

This is Brother Bear (notice how Bailey is never too far away)...And his "sister"/niece, Tess...I think Bailey was laughing here. :)Bailey was exhausted after our photo shoot. He quickly resumed his guard-dog post atop the stairs...I hope you enjoyed the sneak peek. I can't wait to see this little clan again at the ordering session!