Celena, Ben and Baby Ella

I meet Celena a few years back when she was only thinking about maybe having a baby. Well, the time has come and that dream is now a reality and she is soon going to be welcoming a baby girl, Ella, into the world. This self-proclaimed girly-girl was super stoked when she found out she was having a little baby girl. As the pregnancy has progressed, Celena has become more and more excited and, while she is understandable a little nervous, she can't wait to dress Ella in all the frilly and tiny little outfits she has picked out. Congratulations Celena on your soon-to-be mommy-hood. I hope you and Ben enjoy your sneak peek...

I started out shooting little Ella's room because she had the cutest little clothes and shoes. The room was so adorable, in fact, that I contemplated having a baby...well for a couple seconds.Celena, Ben, and Baby EllaCelena, Ben, and Baby EllaCelena is a huge Patriots fan, so guess what Ella? You better think Tom Brady is hot! :)Celena, Ben, and Baby Ella

Celena, Ben, and Baby Ella

Celena, Ben, and Baby EllaHot mama! Celena, Ben, and Baby EllaThis little family is going to be a family of 5 including Rusty and Hurley... Celena, Ben, and Baby EllaAfter shooting at the house, we moved down to the shore of Lake Norman. It was almost sunset and the pink sky really complimented the pink theme and made this soon-to-be mom glow.Celena, Ben, and Baby EllaCelena, Ben, and Baby EllaCelena, Ben, and Baby EllaCelena, Ben, and Baby EllaCelena, Ben, and Baby EllaTo me, maternity pictures aren't just about belly shots but the commitment two people have for something bigger than the both of them...

Celena, Ben, and Baby Ella

Best of luck to you, Celena, with the rest of your pregnancy. I can't wait to meet baby Ella! XOXO!