Doggy Model Call Results

The time has come for me to make the announcement on the Doggy Model Call! I really appreciate all of the submissions and am so happy to see all of the love and affection each one of you has for your pets. Now to be honest, I was hoping I would only get 8-10 submissions. Why? Well, I really don't have the heart to turn anyone down...much less a dog! And physically, I simply can't do more sessions than that in one week. Needless to say, I was surprised when I ended up with 37 dogs to choose from! Wow! Now I knew I was going to hurt someone's feelings! Plus, how do I only choose 10 dogs?!?

I stayed up until 1:30 last night looking over my list, going through photos, reading descriptions, etc. I finally managed to narrow it down to 10 dogs. Now I can sleep, right? Nope. I tossed and turned thinking about each dog. Did I have a good variety? Will people get upset? Will the pictures be good? Can I fit in more dogs - there were at least 20 on my *short* list?

When this morning finally came, I knew I had to stick by my decision. Here are the 10 dogs that will receive a free studio portrait session, a free 8x10 print, and 50% off one pet portrait session in 2010:

  • Sasha - a 2-year-old Doberman
  • Simon - a stunning Afghan Hound
  • Mya - a pretty Husky with one blue and one brown eye
  • Dozer - an adorable Bulldog puppy
  • Sundrop - a cool-looking Dachshund
  • Hudson - a fluffy little Maltese/Yorkie mix
  • Bronx - a Pit mix with the most gorgeous eyes
  • Penny - a princess Golden Retriever
  • Spanky - the most interesting Chi mix ever
  • Phoebe Buffet - a senior lady Saint Bernard

I really want to thank everyone that submitted their dogs for consideration. Please, please, please don't take it personally if your pup isn't on the list. I simply and physically can't photograph more than 10 dogs in one week...even though I was really considering it. As a token of my thanks, I'm extending the discounted pet portrait session to all of the families that submitted pictures of their fur-babies. Yes, you too will receive 50% off one 2010 pet portrait session!

Thank you again and I can't wait to share some of my favorite pics from the portfolio-building sessions!