The Great Dane Rescue

So many people think the Great Dane Rescue must only rescue, well, Great Danes. Well I'm here to prove otherwise! Today we are going to visit the (very) small side of this big world. We'll start out with three sets of little puppies that are available at the Rescue. These first two are sweet little lap dogs that just need a little grooming and some loving. They are true sweethearts!

These next two are little wiggle worms that are all about playing. They are very much still puppies but will grow up to be awesome lap doggies!

These two are some of the cutest puppies I have seen in a long time! They have the prettiest coats and are oh so fluffy. They love to play but are equally interested in cuddling. I would love to see these two go home together!

The pup in the next series is Luna but was nicknamed "Speck" by Brian because she is so in the smallest dog I have EVER seen. You can see that she isn't much bigger than Brian's hand! She is a cutie!