Please adopt us!!!

Time for a ton of new images from the Great Dane Rescue of the Carolinas! As usual, every dog was a sweet little bundle of slobbery kisses and were soooo happy to spend some time with new visitors! Please, if you or someone you know is looking for a new pup, please check out this rescue group! Please pass this post along to as many people as necessary to get the word out there about these great (no pun intended) animals! The first dog of the day actually arrived while I was at the rescue. This little guy is a 7-month-old Dane with the most gorgeous eyes and floppy ears! A total heartbreaker...this is Zeus...

Another new arrival to the rescue is Pepper. Pepper has great manners and already knows how to sit, stay, and lay down. I just loved the way he would plop down in his "Superman" pose!

This next guy is a veteran of the rescue and is often overlooked because he has a couple of patches of missing fur. Its too bad because he is the kindest and most lovable boy there...definitely a volunteer favorite. He cracks me up because he makes the funniest faces, including the one below. This is Gary...

Bentley is the next pup and he has lived at the rescue for basically his entire life. Don't worry - he has eaten well! He totally reminds me of Ruben Studdard because he is like a big teddy bear. He will be the first one to roll over to get that big tummy of his scratched!

This next happy guy is Scooter. He loves to give kisses, wag his tail, and he tries to carry on a conversation with you. He can't though because we think his "barker" (Brian's word for it) has been taken out. He is a love bug!

This handsome Pitbull is called Blue and was just rescued from some not-so-good people down in South Carolina. You would never know based on his personality! He was just as bright-eyed and ready to play as the rest of the doggies!

The next pup is Casper! I don't know too much about Casper other than he is a sweet pup that is eager to play! He is a wonderful boy and oh so handsome!

These two sisters are Hannah (on the left) and Hilda. They have been at the rescue for quite some time and in need of their forever home! They were so ready to pose for the camera and just ate up the attention.

This next girl is one of my favorites. I just found out she was put into a foster home all the way up in New York but she is still available for adoption! I feel like you get two dogs for the price of one with Taffy. One minute she looks like the dog on the left - the next minute she looks like the dog on the right! Where did those ears come from!!!

If you are looking for a dog with a ton of energy and stamina, Casey is the one for you! This Jack Russell (mix? not sure) loves to play and run but always leaves some extra energy for snuggle time!

Another high-energy dog is Petunia. She loves to run and I know that her calling would be frisbee catching if she was ever given the chance. She just needs someone to take her home and give the opportunity to master her inner talents! She is a sweetypie!

Raven (the black Dane) and Willow are both 8 years old and just arrived at the rescue. Willow showed up as a rack of bones and is slowly gaining some of her much needed weight back. I look forward to spending more time with these sweethearts and getting some great pics of them...that is unless they get adopted first!

I am in love with this image for a number of reasons. Number one, the subject. Number two, I love the backlighting. And number three, I love the noise in the image which makes the picture feel like it was developed from high speed film. I also love the expression in Raven's eyes...he seems so anxious and excited. I see the leash and I wonder: where are they going? what does the dog see? However, there is also another side that I see. For me to know that Raven just arrived at the rescue, this image also creates a since of sadness. Perhaps he was just dropped off and he realizes he no longer will be going back to his old home. Maybe he is looking back at his owners driving away and wondering, "Hey, what about me?" This has happened to each one of the dogs at the rescue no matter how old or young. Each one of them has been left behind. It is up to us to find and provide them wonderful, loving forever homes.

As usual, we end each session with hugs and kisses. These are from Scooter and Gary...