Welcome to my blog!

I'm absolutely thrilled to have a blog!!! I've been wanting this from day one and can't express how happy I am to finally have it going! If you want to keep up, I'll be posting sneak peaks and some of my favorite pics from my future photo shoots, as well as iPhone photos and personal stuff. Feel free to leave comments on anything you see here and if you are interested in booking a session, just give me ring or drop me a line!

And what's a blog post without pictures?!? I should introduce you to my clan because I'm sure you will see a lot of them on here!

So Eva will start the show... She is my inspiration, my little lady love, and my stinky dog. I love her very much and I feel it is very much returned. She has quickly become my studio assistant yet she will be the first one to kick me off the computer (she has learned to throw my arm off the mouse with her nose). Here is Eva... Eva

Tucked into her favorite spot in the sun...

This is Teton...a very big and very happy cat. He has been with me for 9 years...longer than most things that I own. He has been with me through some really rough times and some of the best times. He is very near and dear to my heart.

And last but not least...Little Kitty! Little Kitty is the softest thing I have ever touched...and I have to touch her often. She seriously is obsessed with me and is constantly either sitting on me, laying on me, or sitting between me and my computer screen. I don't mind because I know it makes her happy!